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Vendor247 P.O. Box X491 Lilongwe Chitipi, Malawi
Phone : (+265)981 520 787 - (+265)885 520 406 is an online platform, that has been built with a mind to bring and improve peoples welfare and help informal and informal traders to reach and sell beyond their existing physical places. The platform engages in E-commerce business through innovative solutions and it’s a firm that is constantly evolving to reflect trading, market, economic, social and technological developments. works with anyone who plans to open an account and trade including scaling their business, we engage in all kinds of market trading on all legal and ethical products.Vendor247 does not discriminate and we are because you are, so everyone is treated like family on is a continuous development, we are soon to be present in your country and region, our dream and desire is to ensure the underrepresented are given a platform to grow beyond their expectations.Vendor247 will also be introducing different affiliate products such as Vendor247 food, healthcare, finance, media, etc.
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